Weekly Snow-Down-Your-Neck Links

It’s been a very snowy weekend and plenty of snowfights to be had/snow to be smooshed into your top.
Here’s some links to enjoy while you’re indoors enjoying a good hairdrying and a nice cuppa hot chococolate.

MaDonalds may be an evil corporation…but darned if they don’t know how to do a good advert. Here’s a few of some of their cool ideas thought up by the young advertising clerks of today.

Here’s a buncha cute and funny cats. Just cos.

A very interesting article about women’s dress and the idea of inhibition and freedom- Bikini or Headscarf?

I really liked these – some of the most creative fences which can be found on our fair lands. I think my favourite is this colouring pencil one.

Remember the whole SOPA/Wiki blackout day a few weeks ago? Here’s a compilation of funny responses and images to the whole thing.

Lastly, for you art geeks out there, here’s some seriously cool alternative paint brushes to make painting that much more enjoyable. I mean, a whip brush? Geez.

Enjoy the evening, all, it’s going to be slippery madness soon!


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