Weekly Punjabi Mum Links

Weekend time! I’ll be catching up on weekly gossip (i.e. watching Desperate Housewives. Don’t you judge me), and catching up on my growing stack o’ books. Here’s some cute and cuddly links for you:

Apparently, sometime last year Barbie and Ken finally got married. So all those ‘dream’ weddings I gave for Barbie and her ‘sisters’ (yes I’m suspicious, how come they never showed their parents, and there was a new one being popped out every 5 years?) weren’t valid and were in fact about as useless as one hand clapping.

Here’s a cute video showing 10 reasons why we don’t like Facebook. Bit like Elmo from Sesame Street but on speed.

Thought asian weddings were bad enough? Here’s 25 weird wedding traditions from around the world to make you feel better. Might make you less wary of those shoe-stealing harpies who blackmail the grooms.

Here’s somthing cute, what kids think about love. Lots of aww-age.

This is one of the wackiest looking home I’ve seen yet. Future home ideas…in the scrap book it goes.

Hands up if you’re Punjabi? Then this video will encapulate your childhood. If not then just have a chuckle at a punjabi mum threatening to beat her kids.

I’m off to research the joys of exercise (does bungee jumping count?) and feel miserable over my bank account balance. Enjoy the rest, all!


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