Weekly Cute Owls Links

Yaaayyy it’s the first weekly round-up links of the year! And it’s going to be an exciting weekend at the Harlequin Tea Set household, with an engagement happening with one of the girls in the family (not me, don’t worry). Pics to come soon, but enjoy some linkies while you eat your French toast and raspberries (translation: soggy Wheatabix).

Here’s a cute link to start you off – Rotate Your Owl song. The expression on the owl’s face says it all really.

Some of us may think that action movies may need a bit of spicing up – or maybe they just sound better as an opera. I present to you Predator – The Musical, which has been shortened to a convenient (and musical) three-and-something minutes, and even has the real voices of the actors, cleverly manipulated by duo Jon and Al Kaplan. Look out for their other takes on popular films, like Robocop, which never sounded so robotic yet strangely suitable as a musical.

Here’s some cuisine couture news for you – Businessman in China dies from eating a poisoned cat. I have no

Are you a rich male? Or a beautiful gold-digger? The this is the site for you! Brought to you by a team of very crafty lawyers with the pre-nup all ready, most likely.

One teacher’s approach to preventing gender bullying in a classroom, an interesting article which made me think about how gender roles are perpetuated from a young age through various mediums and influences like toys. Have a read and let me know what you think.

I may have said this before but. I. WANT. THIS. WOMAN. TO. BE. MY. NEW. GRANNY. Seriously.

Happy weekendings all, I’m off to have some colour co-ordinating fun!

(For all you pesky Facebook Farmville players. Respeck and all)


2 thoughts on “Weekly Cute Owls Links

  1. Come on man, what are you talking about. Our granny was cooler than that. She once threatened to go to the other end of town in her wheelchair to beat someone up. I miss her.

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