Weekly Kissmuss TV Links

It’s the Christmas holidays (finally!) and for that one time of the year where it’s socially acceptable for masses everywhere to overeat more than our bodies can take, and indulge in some seriously good television. Or just watch that annual showing of Oliver Twist and The Snowman.
Here’s some links for you all to enoy during the advert breaks.

Here’ some Xmassy fun to be had, Elf Youself! (No I’m not trying to swear at you in a clever way, it’s really elf-related), it’s great fun : )

Not sure what to make of this, but I’m a big penguin-fan, and whatever floats their boats, you know.

Some people should not be allowed to use the internet unsupervised. Here’s the dipsticks who manage to make themselves unfriendables. I’m pretty sure I know a few of these people…

We’ll all be in a sticky kidnapper-y situation at some point in our lives, let’s face it. Here’s a buncha fun tips on how to avoid being squished into a car boot. There’s fun diagrams as well!

Kim Jon-Il will always be rememebered by us fondly….as looking things. Have a look at the power of his eyes and what he, well, looked at.

Here’s some Christmas Tree ideas in case you’re looking for something different this year…

Lastly, here’s a few things to make you feel older than you already do. My xmas present to you this year : )

Happy holidays and enjoy the rest everyone, be sure to let me know what you plan to do! x


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