Weekly Man-Flu Links

It’s weekend time, and time for some of you to start your kissmuss shopping (or in my case, start saving up my pennies for the New Year’s sales), there’s rumours of snow coming (sliding about in icy streets, yaayyy), so wrap up warm and get some hot chocolate ready.

It’s that time of the year. Yup, Man Flu season. Here’s some tips to help you understand and cope with this difficult time so you can understand the pain that your man is going through.

Who said animals can’t be polite? This bear doesn’t think so – although I think it was telling the people in the car to go home and stop disturbing it’s view more than anything else.

Bunnies are cute and fluffy right? Wrong, this tumblr collection says otherwise. Sketchy Bunnies reveals the truth about the disturbed indivuals who torment little children with bunny outfits. Some scary, Donnie Sarko stuff here.

Don’t you just hate it when your not-so-smart phone auto-corrects your words so that they turn the sentence into something else? Spare some thought for these sausage-fingered fools who probably stayed in their rooms for the rest of the year after making these blunders.

Lego eyecandy for you Lego fans – with some surprisingly dark, haunted looking sculptures which clearly took a lot of work and effort.

Have a nice, warm, wrapped up weekend folks. Here’s a comic which reflects my sentiments about the joy of winter and shopping madness.


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