Food with Personality – Terry Border’s Food Magic

“You know those things about yourself that you’re self conscious of? Those quirks that you’re trying to hide? Those are not your weaknesses, those are your strengths.” – Terry Border

Terry Border is a genius at making ordinary objects (mostly food, but also other items too) come alive in a loveable, hilarious way, made even funnier when you find out the name of each of his pieces. Behind each pictures is a clever idea (or pun) which works so well with the detail of the picture, adding character and mischief which surprisingly have a very sometimes sinister tone (I’m sure the McD Fries monster picture is a comment on evil corporations preying on smaller companies, but that could be just me.) However way you want to take it, Terry Border’s creations are a delight and certainly an idea that I’d want to try a hand at myself : )


Mail Order Bride:

Cereal Killer:

Side of Baby Carrots:

Star of the show:

Stud Muffin:

A Horrific Yarn:

Paper Training my dog Frank:

Zombies are nuts about brains:




One thought on “Food with Personality – Terry Border’s Food Magic

  1. These are so very funny, I couldn’t pick a favourite.
    You have to have ago, I’d love to see what you come up with.
    Love the quote too, it smaking me think what my, yours, the kids, everyones little quirks are.

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