Geometric Lines and Fluffy Clouds on a Way Home

I snapped this on the way home while standing at the station today (yes that’s Westfield on the right!). My current mission is to catch a perfect shot of the sunset in all it’s shade of beautiful hues, and with my rubbishy, caveman brick of a phone, I’ll never manage it (my android phone got stolen, long story short, never trust smiley children who are far too smiley and pushy 😦 )

Here’s a shot to start you (and me) off, which I liked because it combined the busy, metropolitan dimensions of commuter life with the pretty shades of the purples and oranges in the sky. I challenge you to join me to capture a beautiful sunset. Or even paint one, whatever floats your boat.

The mission begins…

2 thoughts on “Geometric Lines and Fluffy Clouds on a Way Home

  1. Wonderful, a picture of the place where I go now and again to get b***h-slapped by tall peoples rucksacks set against the backdrop of the new consumer paradise – the great fun place to be if you have no morals or ethics at all.

    Sorry, rant over…

    I like this picture of the sunset at Fistral beach:

    and this one too:
    but maybe just because it has me in it! Plus a dog nearby and I am not running for my life!

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