Rajasthani Style Glass and Plates

Okay they’re not really from Rajasthan, I just though they looked a bit like they came from there because they had a similar style of the rajasthani signature bright colours, mirrors and pretty mosaic patterns combined with glass. And god knows I’m a sucker for pretty, sparkly things like these. Saw these when shopping on the weekend (and bemoaned the fact that I have no space ANYWHERE for ornamental-y things like these in my bomb-site of a house). I liked how pretty the lanterns are too, imagine these things gently swaying in the wind in your back garden (not so pretty, one of the kids running past them in the garden and sending them crashing – not so pretty).

Made me feel as if I was  wandering past a glass seller’s stall on the streets of Morrocco or something. Sigh.

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