Weekly Tired Feeties Links

Weekend time folk, time to catch up on missed TV and find some good reads to add to my evergrowing collection. In the meantime, enjoy these.

Did you like the film ‘The Social Network’? Well here’s a potential sequel, and it’s a scary concept, a world without Facebook. LIKE!

I thought this winner of the ‘Tell It Your Way’ competition launched by company Philips and director Ridley Scott, was really sweet, especially for just a 3-minute long video.

Next time someone makes you angry, spare a thought for this poor woman before you launch a revenge attack – whose boyfriend tricked her into getting an unsavoury tattoo. Yikes.

Thought the elder relatives of your family were a bit eccentric? Is your grandma a little bit cuckoo cos she uses teatowels which don’t even match? Well there may be a space for her on this website dedicated to Weird Old People. It really does get wackier as you read on :/

I love these dramatic, effectively-lighted photographs by Egyptian photographer Miguel Ángel Sánchez, made to look like old-style paintings. What I also like is the fact that he takes pictures of the ordinary citizens of Cairo, to make them glow in a beautiful way.

I’m off to look at pictures of pretty things and massage my feeties after a long day of shopping : (
Enjoy (what’s left of) your weekend!


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