Weekly Finger Art Links

Weekend linkies everyone!

Precision walking anyone? Jawdropping stuff, and really gives a whole new perspective on power walking and marching. Imagine seeing this being taught at kids’ P.E. lessons eh? Click here for the whole sequence this group did.

Ten scandalising facts about historical figures you never knew – you’ll never look at Martin Luther King the same way again.

I never knew how popular finger drawing was until I saw this collection, and how cute are they?

Sometimes you want to talk like a pirate. but you’re not sure what the correct vernacular for “I need to use the restroom” could be (is it “fleabag inn” or “barnacle covered galley”?). Well fear not, there’s a website to turn your words into Pirate, and even translate your webpages into Pirate. Enjoy figuring out what each sentence means.

Tired of getting normal tattoos like every other Tom, Dick and Harry? And who says you need to limit it to boring old skin? Well now this nice couple can tattoo your teeth, in a bizarre expression of body art. With images of famous people and animals, now there’s a reason to pull your cheek to one side and proudly display your crowns to those lucky viewers. Or not.

Enjoy the linkies all, I’m off to try a spot of finger drawing myself, will let you know if there are any successful attempts : )

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