Harlequin’s TEAPOTS & TEASETS #1: The Alien Teapot

This blog really wouldn’t be complete without some mention of tea sets. Or teapots at the very least. So I’d like to start off with a series of teapots (and tea sets) which have caught my eye and made my day a little more sunshiny. I have a weakness for handsome teapots (they make me weak at the knees) although god knows why, I don’t even drink tea. I’m like those mad old women who collect hundreds and hundreds of gloves which they’ll never wear. Although just to clarify, I don’t actually collect teapots, I’m quirky but I’m not rich enough to be THAT eccentric.

Anyways here goes, this is a wonderful alien-flying-saucer teapot I stumbled across, which I absolutely *loved*. It’s astonishing just how many alien teapots there are (just Google and see), but this has got to be among the top five (the knitted one-eyed tea-cosy in another site also features in my top-five count).
Just imagine, a hot cup of tea delivered by a grumpy looking alien fresh from the teabags of Jupiter. Or something.
And it doesn’t come much cooler than that, does it?

Available to buy online (although it doesn’t come cheap!)


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