Science Fiction Madness Weekend

I got a call on the way home today telling me I’d won a competition through my cineworld unlimited account (yes i have one, yes that’s how much I love filums). I knew it wasn’t a prank cos:

a. He never asked me for my bank details or that he was gonna wire me a coupla millions to ‘safeguard’
b. The caller was a nice bloke called Phil and not someone calling himself King Umbongo or some with a suspiciously south-Asian accent called Steve
c. the guy just basically sounded genuine

Plus, i’ve won stuff before this way, last month I got free Empire film magazines which made for happy times.

So there’s me jumping up and down all happy cos I’ve won something when I was interrupted by Phillip saying ‘…er. I haven’t told you what you’ve won yet.’

And what I’ve won indeed is an SFX weekend for four people taking place in a few months time. In Wales. Now I’m perfectly happy with this myself, I like sci-fi, wouldn’t mind going to sheep-land to go to a sci-fi convention (I’m thinking of going as the green witch in the Orange adverts).


I have a big problem. I can’t find anyone who’ll like the idea of actually going. Initially I thought it was just a theme park thing (cos I was too busy jumping for glee when good old Phil called me so I only caught half of his offical ‘you’ve won’ speech) until I looked it up properly and realised what it was. I’ve already told my mum and sisters that we’re all going to Wales, and everyone was pretty happy about it.
Shoulda seen their faces when they realised what exactly the weekend is about.


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