Weekly Jessica Rabbit Links

Weekend time!

How cute are these farm animal rings? Created by the Soop Group, you can get the whole animal collection in various cute colours. Not sure how you’ll explain them to other people though when you wear the whole collection :\

What happens when Batman goes shopping. Although I’m pretty sure he normally gets his butler Michael Caine to order for him.

Look away now if you don’t want your Disney-themed childhood shattered. Into small, miserable pieces. Artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros’ latest work, Disenchanted looks to redefine the ‘happy-ever-after’ myth, complete with homosexuality, drugs and Jessica Rabbit getting a lip-job to give an interesting outlook.

Spare a thought for this poor officer-worker called Simon and his complaints being ignored after being relentlessly teased by colleague David. This guy takes office pranks to another level, yikes.

Here’s ten tips on how to decipher that alien language of London yoofs of today. Very useful to avoid sounding too poncey and getting beaten up for it.

Enjoy the rest all, I’m off to watch the new series of American Horror Story. Here’s hoping I don’t get put off by any clichés (I wonder if there’s gonna be any singing – it’s made by the creators of Glee after all).


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