Weekly Egg Head Links

It’s that blissful time of the week that we all get some more sleep in the morning and eat a bit more junk food. Your weekly fix now:

For those of you who have always hankered after Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, your dreams are (coming) true! American reasearchers are currently working on a ‘cloaking device‘ which has a similar effect as invisibility. ‘Cloaking device caused by clever light rays’ doesn’t quite have the same imaginative ring as ‘Invisibility Cloak’ does, but who says science has to be poetic?

Once ordinary mortals were obliged to wear boring old waterproof plasters on their wounds, but now Brandages changed all that. Now that posh folk can display their papercuts in style with designer plasters, they can turn their noses up at those poor fools still wearing ‘skin’ coloured plasters and disney-themed bandages. Although I do wonder from the images gallery what possible accident that man had on his forehead (or indeed what why those wrists needed plasters…hmmm).

More custom-made shoes, although you can actually buy these ones. Star-Wars themed handpainted shoes by Etsy seller Jilliann Silva. Buy a pair and flaunt them at your local comic-store (translate – HMV store before it closes down) and make all the geeks jealous.

Lastly, for those of you looking for something different this Halloween, Tyler Card’s costume of a D3 DSLR camera that actually works might be up your street. Comes with a flash (insert wordplay joke about ‘flash’ here). Otherwise you can always google the costumes from the last San Diego Comic Convention for ideas.

Have a good weekend, don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour, and if those meddling Halloweeners try to egg your front door, have a squirt gun full of hot water and flour to shoot back at ’em. Enjoy your evening, all.


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