Weekly Mario Shoes Links

Its the weekend and time to self-improve and read inspiration books (translate: watch junk tv and get high on gummy bears). But still, we all deserve some relaxation time.

Woman gets accused of attacking her husband with cupcakes. Do. not. understand. what this world is coming to.

I like this blog dedicated to inspirational post-it notes left in public places, (although I’m not sure how relevant some of them are but I did think this one was cute)

Now here’s a group that we didn’t know about – Sexy Executives. Explore the risque world of businessmen who, among googling their names, maintain their high standards of grooming and generally just make good pin-ups. Or maybe not. Combover, anyone?

For those of you who miss those ‘classic’ filums of the sixties (and by classic, I mean badly written Bollywood films here)? Here’s a round up of the cliches from the classic past, from the “dishoom, dishoom” special effect to the evil mother in law.

And HOW COOL ARE THESE SHOES?? Just the thing to up your geek cred. Not quite for sale just yet, these are one-off pieces but I imagine they’d fly off the shelves.

Enjoy the links all, I’m off to go watch ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ after spending the last three days cramming the book into my skull. Should be a good watch, review coming up methinks!


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