Squishy Plasticine Art

Welcome to the world of plasticine, where anything’s possible.
Can’t take the credit for making these though, although they were still very much fun to look at (I think the theme here was mostly animals). My fave is definitely the last one though, right out of a Wallace and Gromit set methinks! This was meant to be at a kid’s play area where the children could  be all creative and stuff, although this stuff looks too good to be made by chiddlers, methinks the adults had been sneaking into this area to play with play-doh. (You how it is, when faced with the challenge of doing Art for the first time in too long, revert back to the things you made as a child. It’s ironic or something.)

It’s inspired me to go get some plasticine and see what I come up with (most likely end up mixing all the colours together and ending up with grey blu-tack), will post any successful attempts soon!

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