Weekly Russian Generals Links

I once heard a wise man (i.e. follow commuter) say that the most painful thing we humans have to go through is the transition from Sunday to Monday. Too right, I say. Anyway, let’s round off the weekend with something to chuckle at.

Ever wanted to see what Clint Eastwood would look like as a Russian general? Well wonder no more, as he and 23 other celebrities have been re-jazzed by portrait artist George Dawe, although I’m not too sure how authentic some of them look – Tobey Maguire looks like he’s about to burst out laughing, and Al Pacino looks quite lost in his portrait.

Saw this and thought it was super cute – wish I saw coffee ghosts in my teacups (it would help if I put coffee in them instead of coke, but meh…)

And I was playing this game earlier – takes some concentration, surprisingly!

Here’s a way to spice up your meal and make it more fun – salt and pepper magic wand shakers! Available to buy here (although not sure my mum would be too keen on them).

And I LOVE this idea that this blogger has – compiling a collection of doodles, scribbles and casually drawn art. Compulsive Drawer explores the different types of doodles and drawings people do while doing other things (eg. drawing in meetings, in the classroom, vandalism in the toilets…)

That’s all for this week, it’s been a Goonie-filled evening (i.e. dropping ‘treasures’ all over the floor and hunting them) and I’m in a drawing mood, as I’m trying to (finally) design a logo for this blog – here’s hoping I manage to get something I’m happy with!


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