Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: A Launderette’s Promise

Here’s another landmark I pass every day on my way to work – a twist on the Launderette sell. These deadly washers promise a break for your poor ole wifey who has to wash those delicate silks by hand…but no more! Blossom and Browne’s promise a dazzling white result with a sweet lavender perfume wafting into your nostrils froom your nicely clean undies. Or something like that anyway : )

**DISCLAIMER** This is not actually an advert for hiring assassins from Green Street. There’s no rolling-pin waving ninjas or Kill-Bill type artiste to be found here (not to my knowledge anyway). I take no responsibilities for fools traipsing down Green Street expecting wifey-bashers. The only dead meat is in the butchers two doors down. But enjoy the sights anyway.*


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