Sensational Butterflies – Fluttering, Flittering and Beauty Up Close

The Natural History Museum has been host to the ‘Sensational Butterflies‘ exhibition for a few months now, and is a lovely experience (unless you’re afraid of butterflies in which case it’s a place of nightmares)., with butterflies landing on my head several times and an eerie, continuous sound of fluttering in the whole Butterfly House (the fluttering sound is a bit obvious really but it’s still cool).  It was difficult to pick from the hundreds of photos that I took, (partly because there’s a lot of blurry wings and empty images where the butterflies have fleed)  with the various butterflies in a range of shapes and colours (including a group of butterflies which looked very deceptively like leaves), but there were beautiful species to be seen surrounded by lovely flowers. There have been various positive reports of this exhibition, and rightly so – it’s not just to look at pretty butterflies, but to stresses the importance of endangered species, the importance of educating ourselves and the importance and beauty of Nature.

Go visit if you get a chance (unless the exhibition’s closed, in which case you might want to hop down to London Zoo instead!)


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