Weekly Fluffy Socks Links

It’s finally that time of the week – fluffy socks and good reading time!

First up are these ‘tutorials’ on pronunciation – you know you want to laugh at them, silly as they are. Repeated viewings will only make it seem sillier (see ‘Justin Beiber’, ‘coccy and ‘cthulhu’ for examples)

For those of you wondering how the apes took over the world in Planets of the Apes – here’s one theory on how they trained – although don’t take it too seriously.

I played with Barbie dolls when I was younger, although I was never aware of Pregnant Barbie, Or Wheelchair Barbie. This look at controversial models of the famous doll shows a side to Barbies not seen previously – not exactly the role model toy we remember growing up with; I’m sure how Stupid Barbie (“Maths is hard!”) would have gone down too well with us princesses.

This one’s is just for Awww-age factor.

Who remembers playing with these when they were little? ’70s and ’80s babies will remember these classic Fisher Price cuties, although they’re more acceptable to play with as mini, keyring-sized versions – cos you’re like, trying to be ironic or something. I had at least two of these toys when I was little!

That’s all for now, enjoy looking at disturbing Barbies doll pictures and monkey madness videos, I am not responsible for any trauma which may be caused in viewing ; )
Have a good weekend all!

The stress of trying to beat those darn Lil’ Bratz sales had aged Barbie considerably…


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