A Rainbow Affair

The Annual A Sisters Eid Party arrived last weekend after much anticipation and excitement, with the sisters going all out in style. After much discussion and heated drama, it was finally decided that the grand theme this year would be rainbows, for the sake of the children being happy (and probably because it’s an easy theme to follow). This reporter eagerly followed the organisation and the range of events which resulted on that evening, after much excitement and mystery about how the extravaganza would turn out. With many glamorously dressed guests and similarly boisterous children, the sisters told this reporter how much effort had been put into the event, and how some things had almost gone wrong on the night last-minute. “We almost ran out of wrapping paper,” stated one sister with real concern, “and my shoes just DID NOT match my outfit, which was a real blow, but in the end we made sure that the lights were not too bright so people wouldn’t look at my shoes too much. Plus it’s considered cool to have shoes that don’t match.” Another sister reports how she felt that she found it difficult to choose from the sweets to eat, and had to be helped by the younger guests to make a final selection.

The evening was full of many games, although it did not always end well for some – in more than one case of pass-the-parcel there were tears and huffing-and-puffing until the guest got the sweet she felt she deserved. And the children’s games were even more trickier, it was easy to see how they were bouncing from the walls after all the sugar they had consumed.

Part of the preparations were these crackers made from tissue paper and wrapping paper, inspired by this creative blogger, although these were considerably less neater (and probably full of more junk). Not that it stopped the children from tearing them apart with glee – no one stops to appreciate creativity these days do they?

And of course the delectable edibles  were of a similar high standard, having been hand picked from only the best shades of colours and with great care. This reporter is pleased to report, in fact, that the  rainbow lollipops (see below) were a surprisingly popular choice, with the cups of sweets seperated into indiviual colours winning the much coveted  “Best Presented Candy and Colours” prize in the Sweet Food category for the Glam Awards 2011. The sisters were especially pleased that they had been nominated at all, gushing “It’s all for the kids, really” adding “although the prize money will come in handy in replacing No7 cream that’s run out.”

A lovely touch was the Rainbow Puff sweets to add to the theme, bringing back a touch of the ’80s memories for those guests who remember them from their childhood. Sadly, the veteran sweets did not appeal as much to the youngsters to preferred to stick to the jelly babies.

There were  also, however, healthy alternatives for those who didn’t want to overload on the sugar – the natural sweet tastes of this mix of juicy strawberries, raspberries and blackberries were a welcome sight. Not surprisingly, these disappeared down the mouths of several guests, with just a sorry bowl of red juice left as a reminder of their contents.

And of course there were rainbow prizes to be won and bangles galore for all guests, (not to mention the surprise goody bags each guest went home with), and plenty of silly stories told by all.

The Sisters were not alone in their well-presented food however, as there were plenty of home-made goodies brought by several of the guests, beautifully made sweets, cakes and dates which were admired by all and eaten just as quickly.

And what can one say about the decor? With the hand-made decor to bring a smile to all, and balloons to be popped, this was a feature which fit right into the rainbow theme of the party.

The rainbows of this party was a success, and I can pretty much say that the guest went home happy, tired and full of cupcakes.
More reports of the extravaganza can be found here, with various opinions on how the night went with all the games. But don’t believe the rumours about the mismatching shoes though, gentlebeans and jellygirls : )


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