Weekly Rainbow Sweets Links

Its the weekend and the girls of my family are off to our annual kid’s Eid party, and this year’s theme will be….rainbows 🙂 Pictures coming soon.

First comes an one perspective on the view that “shopping will not save our souls” and the idea that the shopping and consumerism has been misleadingly sold to us as a leisure activity which has fuelled our warped, materialistic values.

Next, a more light-hearted link that analyses the apt effects of coffee-drinking – in a graph of course.

More lego craziness, this time as Lego Landmarks : )

There’s been a lot of hype and excitement over the Nike shoes inspired by the ‘Back to the Future’ films, shoes that tie themselves – and the first 150 pairs will be on auction on the eBay site – anyone looking to buy any?

Ever made a cake that didn’t quite turn out how you wanted it? Spare a though for these poor bakers, who have a slightly misguided cakes for odd occaisons – who knew that there were such things as divorce cakes?

Have a good weekend all, and enjoy that short burst of humid air before it dissolves into welly-wearing weather. I’m off to enjoy the rainbows…


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