Chand Raat…

That golden, glittering night has arrived and everyone’s abuzz, there’s hijab-ed warriors on the streets rushing to buy last-minute bangles, tinsel-decorated women putting on mehndi on girls’ hands and everyone is generally giving happy greetings to each other. Saudi has confirmed that they will be celebrating the blessed day of Eid, which has sparked off a whole panic of last-minute buying, massively long queues in meat shops and an unnaturally large number of girls wandering around the streets (my local is a scene in itself!) beginning their celebrations.

Happy Muslimah has already provided a sneak preview of her plans for the Eid celebration to come tomorrow, and those other sisters of mine (blood-related and otherwise!) are still busy getting together their war paint and battle armour in preparation for tomorrow (although I think most of us still feel a little lethargic from the previous month of fasting!). For all of you, wherever and whenever you are, I wish you an enjoyable Chand Raat and I hope you embrace this as a chance to spend with families, friends, tortoises and whoever, and that you don’t forget the overall purpose in celebrating not only this night but this whole month. I hope your houses are filled with bright colours, the sweet smell of mehndi and twinkling lights, and even for those of you who don’t normally celebrate Eid, look out for the beautiful moon tonight, and I hope you find some peace in knowing that it is an enchanting symbol of celebration for people worldwide, all of whome may be looking outwards into the sky with you at that moment.

My salams to you all, and enjoy the evening : )


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