Weekly Fruit Chomping Links

After a very, very wet week, the weekend has arrived and it’s time to put those wellies away and hide indoors for a while

First up, some cute play on words from the Brainless Tales website, have a look and see : )

Saw these Iwako miniature rubbers in a shop last week, delightfully cute, and apparently becoming quite popular. I’d buy some but then I’d never want to use them for actual rubbing out…so maybe not.

Another silly video collection from you, this time from Youtube channel PistolShrimps, who have merged scenes from epic films with their own additions, have a browse and see – I liked the Star Wars: Attack of the Models ones most, some clever technology being used there.

Cathy Thorne is a cartoonist who creates comics about women and their ordinary lives, with both sweet and sardonic gems of wisdom.

And lastly, what to do when the kids scream for ice cream

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend all wherever you are, and for those of you celebrating Eid in the next few days to come, enjoy the mad, last-minute rush to buy shoes/bangles/mehndi/ice cream and try to get some rest somewhere inbetween : )

(My nephew ‘sampling’ the fruit for the evening’s dinner and then deciding he doesn’t want the rest of it. Cheeky)


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