My Favourite Illustrators #1: Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake has always been one of my all-time favourite illustrators, for the way that a simple glance at his creations will evoke strong memories of my childhood (and a much of my adulthood), huddled in a corner with blanket, some chocolate biscuits and a Roald Dahl book, completely lost in the magic world of Dahl’s words and Blake’s beautiful, quirky characters. Quentin’s characters are always wonderfully full of personality in a way which goes beyond caricature, carrying a charm which makes reading all the more fun. The deliberately untidy drawings, precise scribbly style and exaggerated features, to me, always had an important message; that it’s not important to be beautiful (or perfectly drawn), but rather to be unique, unusual and happy with your flaws. If you look at any of Blake’s illustrations, there will rarely be a wonderful looking, or even normal character, they all had a curious slant to them which tells a story in itself: Quentin Blake’s quirky style is ever present in what has become his trademark style over the years.

And of course his work is not restricted to the wonderful Mr Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake’s work has taken him across many projects, which continue even today. He has created many prints, canvases, cards and many more for people to enjoy, as well as exhibiting his work. And of course he is also a children’s author himself, having published his own work, his latest being a published compilation of his work ‘Frabjous Beasts and Frumious Birds’, as well as numerous children’s books.

According to Quentin Blake’s website, he was a drawer from a young age, and he really is an artist for people of all ages to enjoy (I particularly loved the fact that he studied for an English degree before his career with art, there’s hope for me yet!)

You can see I have a total love for his illustrations, and I am sure I am not the only one, for who else doesn’t remember his excited little inky creatures on paper, come to life with our imaginations and his pen?
Quentin Blake is truly a piece of our childhood, that wizard who reading that much more fun for us and drew pieces for all of us to identify with.

And if you’re not sure whether you agree as strongly as I do, pick up one of his work on your bookshelf (I bet you have a copy of a Dahl book somewhere) and have a flick through, see if one of his pictures won’t make you smile : )
(The one below reminds me very strongly of the children in my family, cheeky little grubbins)

All images in this post are copyrighted and belong to Quentin Blake

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Illustrators #1: Quentin Blake

  1. Definitely a fan of both Quentin Blake and Roald Dahl. My other absolute fave is Anthony Browne
    (Willy the Wimp) both as a child and an adult for his wonderful whimsical detailed drawings. Janet Ahlberg from the wonderful Janet and Allen Ahlberg duo’s drawings also stand out (remember the Happy Families books and the The Ha Ha Bonk Book?) Eric Carle is pretty iconic too (well amongst parents of young kids anyway!)

  2. immi

    Totally agree. His drawings really do remind me of my childhood, goinG to the library with mum and getting as many books as possible, getting home from the cold and reading until I finish

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