The Accident Prone Stickman

We all know and recognise those classic road signs, hazard symbols and warning signs with Mr Stickman showing potential dangers and what could happen (‘Children crossing’ comes to mind – and indeed children are a big danger to the unsuspecting, ordinary public.) Merchandising group Planet Stickman have helpfully compiled some stickers to warn us of the dangers that we didn’t know about beyond the usual hazards. First up is the life-threatening dangers of Officeland which we didn’t know about:

And of course there’s those less well-known fairytale and myth dangers which Mr Stickman has warned us about:

So there, readers, you’ve been warned, the next time you see a flying monkey, wear a helmet so it doesn’t get caught in your hair. Or just report it to Animal Control. And don’t get me started on those rusty unicorn horns…


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