Ribbons and Bobs at Queens Market, Green Street

I love going to Queens Market in Green Street, the hustle and bustle of this place is truly like no other market in London for me. Everytime I come there’s something new to see (and buy), and of course, there’s always a treasure to be found! The venders and market sellers are cross-section of multicultural London , there’s people of every colour, race and religion selling and buying here, and the community spirit and friendship can really be seen here. The fruit sellers will be shouting out their wares, the jewellery on the stalls will wink and glitter at to lure you in and, and the endless fabrics run in reams with busy women bargaining down their prices. There’s a laugh and a joke for everyone, and music always blaring in the background (usually a song I’ve NEVER heard of). It was incredibly easy for me to get these pictures below, everyone is happy to help (more than one market seller asked if I wanted him in the picture as well!) and it’s a nice change from designer labels and stilted etiquettes. I usually go here to wind down after work as I work not too far from here; the buzzing atmosphere and knock-off handbags (not to mention saucy underwear and random, foreign food) are always quite fun to explore. One of my favourite places in London I think, simply because everyone’s looking for something cheap. I always end up buying something everytime I go here and come away feeling that I got a bargain : )

2 thoughts on “Ribbons and Bobs at Queens Market, Green Street

    1. Me too! I used to get dragged there by my mum and we ALWAYS got fish and chips everytime we went! Honestly there’s so many things to find there, and I feel really gleeful everytime I buy something from there…I just bought a brooch from there yesterday! x

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