Weekly Frog Princes Links

The weekend cometh and oh Friday I love you! (before you ask I don’t mean Friday the cowboy’s horse) I’ve been spending the whole week secretly shopping and stashing (I’m afraid to reveal more in case my crafty, crafty fam read this) for the upcoming celebrations of Eid. But let’s not dawdle too much, here’s some links:

First up comes a reminder for those of you out there who are fasting in this month of Ramadan, about over-eating and being productive with time, gently poking fun at some of us who stuff our faces (come on we all do it!) from the ProductiveMuslim channel. I also liked the video about energizing, rather than being the ‘do not disturb!!‘ type ( I admit I do wish I had a ‘Muslim fasting’ sign at work sometimes…)

Were you annoyed at the ending of Harry Potter because it didn’t end in the way you thought it should have? You’re not the only one scratching their heads at this, a team of animators have compiled a video which shows how Harry Potter should have ended. And if you thought this ending was a bit more satisfying, then have a look at the How It Should Have Ended team’s 49 other videos (with some recaps which are surprisingly faithful renderings of the original.) Look out for 300 (“I’m a little tired of fighting now”) and Lord of the Rings (The Eye of Sauron gets mooned by the Fellowship) as well as many more.

For those hopefuls waiting for a Sesame Street wedding…it’s sad news. Bert and Ernie of our childhood years will not be getting married despite a petition signed by thousands. Cheer up though, there’s still Tinky Winky’s coming-out inauguration and Velma’s from the Scooby Gang (I’m not the first to put forward that idea, and I’ve always been a little suspicious of her) to petition for.

I love this blogger’s idea of taking one picture every day for a year (hence the blog name ‘365 life photography’), what a lovely idea.

And lastly is this comic about fairy tale perceptions which I loved : )

Enjoy the weekend all (rushing by so quickly back to Monday, honestly, I don’t know what happens to my weekends, I feel like amnesia sufferer) and hope it’s a good one for you : )


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