Airigami: Balloons and the Art of Bending Air

Airigami, described as the “fine art of bending air” shows an amazingly complex sculptures models made entirely from cleverly bended balloons. This innovative project, led by Larry Moss and Kelly Cheetle as well as a team of artists, the Airigami group has ventured into a range of ideas, including the Jurassic sculpures exhibition, the Airigami fashion ramp (consisting of garments made entirely from balloons!), and ‘masterpieces’ that has been recreated (such as the Mona Lisa below), as well as other ideas. I think my favourite theme would be the fairytale projects, which recreate well-know fairy tales with balloons, which the team are currently turning into a book. All in all, some wonderful ideas here, and it’s great fun looking through the different ideas that Airigami has followed.
You can explore more of Airigami designs at their website, and also follow the latest news on their blog.

Has anyone seen any of these? Which one is your favourite?


All images belong to Airigami company and photographers.


4 thoughts on “Airigami: Balloons and the Art of Bending Air

    1. Yes, there was a whole exhibition of giant dinosaur balloons, in lots of shapes and sizes (you’ll be able to find it if you google it) – takes animal balloons to a whole new territory, I’ll never look at them the same way again!

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