Weekly Samosa Links

It’s that time of the year, when you feel as if you should be spreading Flora margarine to *lower you cholesterol!* cos you’ve been too busy stuffing yourself with oily goodies like samosas and fried chicken. Okay maybe it’s just me then, but hope you’re all eating healthily and happily!

Did you know that you can play the snake game on Youtube videos with the ‘please wait’ circles while you’re waiting for a video to load? Try it and see.

If Harry Potter was a drink, he’d be fresh butterbeer, a spruce of fizzy sherbert and a sprinkle of Floo powder. Okay not sure if that sounds appetising, but here’s a list of real drinks that have been named after Harry Potter characters and features. I’m not an alcohol drinker but ‘Purple Turban’ sounded like a cool name. I’m gonna call Ribena squash my new Purple Turban delight now…!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve always been a Disney cartoon fan (okay I know I’m old enough to know better, but gosh darnit that evil queen in Snow White was just always so cool…!), which is why I find it interesting that some scenes have been duplicated in Disney movies. Watch this ‘Copy-Paste‘ video to see the similarties…some would say that Disney is cheating, but hey I’m all for recycling : )

And what better way to celebrate your love of epic tale Lord of the Rings…but through merchandising. And it doesn’t come any cuter than this, plush Lord of the Rings character toys.
Available to buy from Amazon now, and with its own cute weapon to help you cuddle up and night when you sleep.

I’m off to tidy my shoe collection and pretend that I’m a secret superhero (i.e. wear a blanket like a cape and read a good book), happy weekend all!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Samosa Links

  1. I have whole pile of books to go through! But if I was going to recommend any books I’ve reviewed so fari, it would be either Room or even Tender Morsels, which is such a sweet book.
    As for which superhero…aha, if I tell you it won’t be secret anymore! (i.e. I’m not sure yet!)

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