Sri Nam at Canary Wharf

Sri Nam at Canary Wharf, London is a quiet little spot for some Thai food, (until the dreaded rush hour hits anyway) and for those of you looking for something a little different to open your fast and have iftari dinner with friends, why not try this place? It’s not halal, mind you, but there’s plenty of veggie options and the atmosphere is friendly, intimate and looks very stylish : ) With muted lighting (to disguise your date’s unflattering work suit, perhaps) and tables which seem set out almost like a little tea room (well we ARE in England after all), this seems like a popular choice for many, hidden away from the main hustle and bustle of Canary Wharf’s suited and booted finest. Have a look around if it takes your fancy (apologies for the not-so-crystal-clear pics, the lighting was not suited to my poor camera!) and let me know what you think of the prawn toast : )

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