Weekly New Shoooees Links

Hello sunny readers, it’s been an interestingly noisy day (I woke to the sound of dhol players banging away down the road, and crazed women on a buying spree at Marks & Sparkle sales). And I even managed to get a new pair of shoes *on sale!* that just lured me in by sparkling and winking at me : )

The problem with ‘no results found’ pages

And how cute are these?! Although I’m not too convinced by the suggestion that ‘control-alt-delete’ are our favourite keys…(personally mine is the ever useful ‘printscreen’)

Me and my lego, yep! Here’s a Harry Potter advert made entirely of lego. Rather well done, I think.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Annoying Orange video-mania that’s been circulating, here’s one about Pacman that made me chuckle. If you’re not a fan, skip to the next link.

Anyone who is a geeky fan of comic books, costumes and sci-fi will know that the annual San Diego Comic-Con is a haven for all of these and more. Anyone lucky enough to go? The effort people have put into their costumes this year is just marvellous, I’d love to be able to go one year!

And finally, I’ve heard good things about the Hunger Games books (soon to be made into a film), set in post-Apocalyptic North America in true sci-fi style. Review to come up I think! Anyone read this?

I’m off to binge-eat on cheesecake and crisps while I stare at my *pretty new shoooess*. I’m pretty sure I now consist of 72% sugar (the liquidy rest of me is coke). Eat healthy kids.


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