Weekly Museum Hopping Links

It’s that time of the year again, school holidays for all the lucky scallywags in schools (pupils and teachers both!), so the streets will be packed with people going off to their holiday destinations to pretend the recession doesn’t exist. Those of you who have been left behind in this grim existence of dodgy London transport and hormonal weather, can enjoy these lovely links.

First up is the the ever wise Oatmeal and his observations about life, have a little giggle at these.

I love my mascara, but this blogger has made me rethink the whole ‘filmed with lash inserts’ look with her outlook of long, falsey-type eyelashes. Eyelashes looking like drunken spiders come to mind.

One romantic bean decides to declare his love for his other half and propose…with an online website. Read this cute proposal, starting with the beginnings of their love story and onwards : )

Think you got problems? You don’t have White People Problems though, nuh-uh, and there’s a whole shopping list of ’em here. Although I think the problem may having too many stupid cells than white coloured ones. Have a look and laugh your way through them.

I’m off to do some museum-hopping and get all snap happy, hopefully the weather doesn’t leave me looking like a drowned meerkat! Wish me luck as I try to dodge all the crowds of yowling children wailing for ice-creams and whatnot (you can tell I don’t have children, can’t you?)
What are your plans for the weekend?


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