Weekly Glitzy Dresses Links

I’m crazy busy this weekend, pure wedding jungles and loopy weather, so not many links this week, but enjoy these few gems!

First up is this cynical writer who goes by the name David, whose deliberately difficult and amusing campaigns and letters for various causes are an entertaining read, such as this request for a poster for a missing cat, as well as several others like these tips on how to become a photographer. Have a good browse on this one : )

For those of you sisters out there who are always looking for articles, tips, recipes and advice, I have come across the recently launched Sister’s Magazine website. There’s some interesting articles on there, such as this one about building an eco-friendly mosque, which is a great way to address and promote different ways to become green. And this recipe just looks yummy…perhaps something to try this weekend.

After hearing all the hype of Danish drama ‘The Killing’ I was pretty estatic to hear that there has been a US remake of the same series, which only started last week. Watch the first episode here, I’m satisfactorily hooked onto the storyline already and it looks full of twists already. If anyone has seen the first episode already, do let me know what your thoughts are on the story!

Happy weekend folks, I’m off to wear half the contents of my wardrobe and dance the night away : )


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