Weekly Tennis Ball Links

After a week of Wimbledon and teacher strikes (and I love how most of the teachers actually looked like TEACHERS. Go Teachers with your stern and polite fierceness, whooo), it’s that best time of the week again…where you lie on the floor in exhaustion after a week’s work and refuse to move out of the way for several hours.

First up is this website chronically how animals can be dicks. Yep, there’s videos too.

Ever wondered what Fraiser would be like if the characters were all black. Well that’s one idea created by the ever wonderful series 30 Rock…but don’t take it too seriously.

Spelling mistakes will always be rife over the world of internet, and while sticklers like myself can supress the urge to point it out, others may feel the need to improve the literary world. Examples are like this bunch who ‘helpfully’ show the hilarious responsed to bad grammar and spelling mistakes. Spelling errors 0, dictionary heroes, 1.

Anyone interested in buying me this? No? Fair enough.

I’m sure a few of you have read this before, but you’ll still be chuckling at this guy’s account of the elongated and unneccessary traditions, psycho behaviour of relatives and several other features of a typical Bengali wedding. Pretty much universal behaviour for all us Asians everywhere though, I’d say.

Proof that Ed Miliband has finally gone nuts (must be the sudden heatwave, he’s got sunstroke) in his interview in which he gives virtually the same answer for every question that he is asked. Not sure how genuine the video is though.

I’m off to play with giant sized tennis balls and miniature tennis racquets, be good ladies bugs and gentle bees : )

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