Weekly Wearing Sunscreen Links

Looking forward to a scorching weekend (where I shall no doubt be hiding inside in the shade), but I hope you all enjoy the beautiful snatches of sun before it gets away stolen again, and remember kids – wear sunblock.

Good ole geekiness here, the magic of vedic maths, something interesting to look at to see how you can make big number calculations using interesting methods.

I’m sure many of you have read this before, but here’s a poem composed about “Desi Aunties” to give you a few giggles about typical features of Asian culture.

I love this Russian Doll memory stick, a really cute novelty which disguises the memory stick cleverly (and maybe a good way to stop your USB getting ‘borrowed’ by people who don’t give it back!)

Another comic blog which I’ve stumbled upon, with very, very random ideas. I quite liked this one about the moon.

And lastly, for those of you with a LOT of time of your hands (or eyes) to boggle at pretty, silly and hilarious images, someone has compiled a ‘Best of Tumblr‘ site, there’s something here to appeal to everyone.

Enjoy the weekend all, and also a quick last point that for those of you interested in helping to campaign for Roma Gypsy people and their rights, a few good friends of mine, with the Restless Beings charity, are having a Roaming Trail Day to show their support for their Roma and to break the chain of misrepresentation. It’s happening this Sunday around East London area, and is also a pretty good way to explore the city!

One thought on “Weekly Wearing Sunscreen Links

  1. hopikey

    Have been listening to everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen) the last couple of weeks in my car on the way to work. It’s absolutely great. I played it to my TA in front of my Year 3s who thought it was hilarious.

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