Stickers on the Central Line

I recently saw this sticker cleverly attached to the tube map on a Central line underground tube trains of London, which I nearly almost missed:

So, of course I had to rush home and looked it up, and found this ‘Stickers on the Central Line‘ phenomenon. I love this secret campaign by an anonymous group who have been putting up stickers on random trains to confuse passengers “one sticker at a time.” More stickers are on their blog and facebook group, such as these:

All Pictures belong to ‘Stickers on the Line‘ Group

(I’ve tried not to go too crazy and post the best ones I like…but there’s quite a lot that I find hilarious). The group have even created a ‘Let’s All Stick Some Stickers On The Central Line‘ day which I’m assuming is to ‘improve’ (i.e. vandalise) the central line maps in a joint effort. They’ve also appealed to their fans to design some new ideas (my marker pens are buzzing with potential ideas and inspiration) and submit to them. I’ve been looking out for more of these stickers (no luck so far), but will keep up the vigil – have you managed to see any?


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