Weekly Crazy Hats Links

After a week of mad hats at Ascot, Facebook scandals and X-men cheering, it’s time to wind down our brains and fill our heads with the littlee useful joys that keep us happy.

Some advice for the dos-and-don’ts of Facebook for those of you out there who aren’t quite sure of where the social boundaries of life lie in the real world, and therefore  choose to test them out on the online cyber-reality first.

Some crazy (or perhaps offensive) fancy dress outfits for those of you looking for something different. Not to mention these costumes of people dressing up as actual Asian food. The mind knows no boundaries, eh.

What gnomes in the gardens probably get up to in the garden when competing with each other about whose kingdom looks better.

One cynic’s dissection on our united snobbery (especially when watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding – those huge pink net wedding dresses, goodness) and what we really mean.

And lastly, the ever accurate Oatmeal weighs up the significant way we are unable to function without  smartphones, and why we both love and hate them.

Happy weekend all : )


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