Lego Storage Boxes

I’ve recently stumbled across this very, very cute Lego storage boxes collection, which I find absolutely a great idea for jazzing up the home a bit, not to mention keep a lot of people ( the adults as equally as the children) entertained:

There’s something to be said for a storage box that looks like a Lego-man’s head, where you store things in a space where his brains are meant to be (it should be creepy but it just isn’t!). I’m pretty sure you can stack them together like real Lego too. You can buy them from Amazon and this great store, which has also examples of how arty you can make a room look with a few of these:

It does look like some overgrown children have left their Legos lying around, (either that or this is The Borrowers new, funkier living room) but I imagine that it’s also a big help for parents who want their children to tidy up. Definitely something for my wishlist, methinks!

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