Weekly Umbrella Twirling Links

Its been a rainy, rainy week at my place (it’s June but you’d never guess it’s meant to be summer!) Enjoy these links while you’re snuggling indoors after getting soaked wet from the glorious rain : )

Not sure what you want to eat today? How about some cereal? Just saying.

The Enchanted Palace experience has started in London from now til the next six months all around London landmarks , anyone looking to visit this? I think this may be somewhere to bookmark and visit in the near future! You can buy tickets online, and follow the Enchanted Palace blog here. Worth a visit for fashion-lovers, fairytales and historical intrigues.

Leicester City Council members may have been watching Shaun of the Dead too many times: they’ve announced that they may not be well prepared for any oncoming zombie attack.

This tumblr site which is based purely on the ‘barcodes’ of movies; that is, the stills of the scenes in each movie are all spliced together to create a type of barcode. Bizarre, but oddly popular.

And lastly, if you like a good ole gossip about bangles, saris and other asian fashion gab, have a look here for one blogger’s opinion and style likes.

Enjoy hibernating in your bed folks, otherwise umbrellas at the ready and wellies at the door!

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