Weekly June Bug Links

Evening my twinkly stars, I’m enjoying the gorgeous sun at the moment (while it lasts, it was thundering down heavy rain a couple of days ago, no joke), so I’m going to catch the rays as they come! Get your maxi dresses/shorts/sunglasses/tea cosies on and enjoy the weekend 🙂

Ever wondered what cartoons would be like if they were real? You’re not the only one, as you’ll find out from this group as they bring their imagination to the (internet) screen. Look out for their version of if video games were real, and also their take on real superheros too.

And this is a really cute video about a could-have-been love story, or rather, some awkward exchanges which may even sound familiar to some of you!

Like the plots behind the Harry Potter series but too lazy to read the books? You’re not alone. Here is a comic abridged version of the books which you can peruse to your heart’s pleasure.

And I love this article written by David Mitchell about the growing culture of male grooming and its accompanying stresses and how easy it is to get caught up in the buzz of it all. More elaboration from me on this theme later on!

That’s all for now folks! What are your plans for this weekend?


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