Weekly Chocolate Cake Links

Hi, All! Plenty of celebrating this weekend, with bridal showers, birthday parties and stuffing my face with the chocolatiest chocolate buttercream fudge cake 😀
In the meantime, enjoy these links:

A really, really funky way to taking portrait photos, with different results for the same person! Definitely worth a try on yourself.

After all the palaver , or hoo-ha (as my mum would say), the End of the World…never came. But that didn’t stop a group of people playing a prank by staging ‘Rapture Pictures’!

I’m pretty sure odd(er) stuff like this happens on the London Underground tube every night…

And lastly, very amusing review of the movie Thor, which is written a group of very amusing and entertaining online bloggers, one of whom also wrote the very, very funny Twilight review which I linked previously.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend all, hope you have something fun planned (and hope the weather clears up!)


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