Weekly Tickety-Boo Links

TGIF again and some links to enjoy as the weekend rushes us by…

Ever wondered what kind of emails Lord Voldemort would get if he every had time to sit down inbetween bullying his Death Eaters and trying to kill Harry Potter? Or perhaps what sort of online eligible batchelor groups Austen’s Darcy would sign up for? Some clever bean called Mark Brownlow has solved the questions for us all.

And here’s a silly clip that will still get a chuckle, Ronnie Corbett’s sketch which plays on brand names and puns.

A cute video showing what naughty little boys get up to in the mosques…reminds me of quite a few family members of mine!

An old advert, but still one of my favourites – the age old battle of sexes put in the guise of who has the best wardrobe which never fails to make me snortle a little.

And lastly, remember the good old days before the lewd Bollywood-slash-soft-porn films of today? Well this blogger certainly does, who hilariously recounts all the dodgy symbolism that film-makers used to employ to show a PG version of what goes on in our “kulchur”.

Enjoy the weekend jellybeans 🙂

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