Hi Trekkies, it’s that time of the week (again).

The Royal Wedding has already been ‘interpreted’ by South Park with a very silly ending, which becomes even sillier as it goes on.

This has got to be one of the cutest Star Wards ad, complete with the original Star Wars score.

Listen to this talented beat-boxerhaving a shot at the Super Mario Bros game theme. Look out for others like the Streetfighter one also!

If only we had advice from Aunt Flo like this girl does on the perils and pains of growing up…or maybe not.

And lastly, I’ve been hooked lately to a French series called Spirals, hailed as the very successful counterpart to The Wire on this side of the Atlantic. It’s gruesome in parts, but definitely worth watch (I’d recommend watching via iPlayer.

Enjoy the weekend all, I’m getting back to watching the rest of my disturbingly addictive episode of Spiral!

(An interesting comparison to the ‘fairy-tale-ish-ness to The Royal Wedding and the clichés of Disney Movies that has been spreading like wildfire through the internet)

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