Historically Hardcore

These are designs for a Museum Poster campaign created by University of Miami & Creative Circus graduate-slash-Art Director Jenny Burrows and Copyrighter Matt Kappler. It was originally designed for  the Smithsonian Institution, although these were never official posters for them, and as described by Jenny herself:

“Lastly, these were NOT done by a famous museum in Washington, DC. They were an ad project that Matt and I did during school for our portfolio.

Nevertheless, these posters have garnered a heap of support and praise, with many people posting on their blogs, tumblrs and social networking sites to publicise even more. Unfortunately at some point, Smithsonian requested that their name be removed from the posters, which was complied with immediately.

You can read what happened here:

The amount of publicity and accolade this campaign has received is well-deserved, I really do believe that it is a refreshing, witty and eye-catching way to encourage people to visit Museums and make the most of their cultural heritage. Many comments made by viewers have stated that they are more likely to visit museums, and also that they have even been contacting Smithsonian Institution make use of the positive publicity. Let’s hope we see more from Jenny Burrows, and thanks to her for sharing her work with the big World Wide Web family for free.

To download the full PDF versions of these posters, click here:

You can follow Jenny Burrows and look at her other work, as well as ways to contact her here:

You can also follow her co-worker Matt Kappler’s collection here:

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