The Inhapler


This is an actual stapler-plus-inhaler invention that I’ve found behind my computer table when I was clearing some rubbish out. And yes, it actually staples.
Some poor fool obviously panicked about ‘inventing’ something original during their final year of Engineering or something and picked up the first thing that was on their desk.
Makes you wonder whether all those Graphic Designer asthmatics panic about not having enough staples in their files. Well here’s the answer. Here’s hoping that no one staples their lips shut in an emergency!
Also found in the same wacky stationary set is an inhaler-sellotape-dispenser (i kid you not), an inhaler-pen and an inhaler-holepunch. Im pretty sure I chucked those a while back though.


(Just a quick note to say that this is not a genuine inhaler, I have been told that this is just a promotional product for drug rep/pharmacy companies. Basically they may promote an inhaler because they’ve invented the drug to go in it or made a better drug to go with it. They then hand it out so when people use their everyday items, i.e. an stapler, they’ll think about the company and maybe buy the drug!)


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